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Australian made

Tonya Gilbett is a small bespoke jewellery business that designs and manufactures handmade, custom designed jewellery from their studio in Hobart, Tasmania.

We create collections of jewellery as well as take commissions, with a particular love of Australian gemstones. Australian opal is one of our feature gemstones due to its beauty and the fact that it is is created by Mother Earth here in our beautiful country. It is vital to us that we care for the environment and for that reason we use ethically sourced materials where ever possible. We love the fact that when we purchase Australian opal we know exactly where it came from and which miner uncovered the opal. This is very important to us and forms part of the story of the piece of jewellery. 

We believe in the  importance of creating slowly by hand using the ancient techniques of jewellery manufacture as we feel that a piece of jewellery that is made by hand is superior due to its aesthetic as well as its improved durability. We believe that with the creation of something by hand there is an energetic force that is transferred into the piece through the action of hammering, bending and working the metal.

For all of these reasons our jewellery will always be handmade in Australia.