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JOYASABI donate 10% of every online sale to Hobart Women's Shelter. Help support women and children in crisis. JOYASABI donate 10% of every online sale to Hobart Women's Shelter.

JOYASABI donate 10% of every online sale to Hobart Women's Shelter



This information has been provided to JOYASABI by the Hobart Women’s Shelter November 2021. It relates to the 12months prior.

  • 71% of the people turned away by specialist homeless services in Tasmania are women. This is the highest proportion of women unassisted in any state in Australia.


  • 7 out of 10 women and 8 out of 10 children seeking accommodation at Hobart Women’s Shelter were turned away in the last 12 months. That is 882 women and children turned away as they were unable to be accommodated. The majority women and children were seeking assistance due to family violence.


  • Nationally approx. 33% of women accessing services are unable to be house. For Hobart Women’s Shelter that number is 79% of women accessing services were unable to be housed.


  • The number of women contacting Hobart Women’s Shelter who are not assisted has almost doubled in the last 2 years. Those that are turned away end up going back to their “at risk” environment, or sleep in their cars or they end up on the street. Families are regularly broken up and the children often are separated from their siblings and mother. The children may be left with different friends.


  • Hobart Women’s Shelter is the oldest shelter in Tasmania and the second oldest in Australia having been established for almost 50yrs. The catchment area is all of Tasmania.


  • Currently they have 25 crisis accommodation and 7 transitional housing properties with a total of 32 properties.


  • Hobart Women’s Shelter is seeking to build permanent housing for 40-60 women and up to 130 children in the next 5 years. They require as much help as possible to raise these funds. JOYASABI will assist raise some of these funds through the donation of 10% of every online sale to Hobart Women’s Shelter.