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Amazonite, boulder opal and topaz earrings



Beautiful handmade one-of- a-kind earrings crafted in recycled gold and silver and set with solid Australian boulder opal, Amazonite and blue topaz. Asymmetrical opal and a mix of gemstones is signature of JOYASABI. There is also a hidden botanical motif on the reverse side of these earrings which is a secret gift.

These delicious earrings vibrate to the heart and throat chakras. Create your own personal mantra that you say to yourself when wearing these divine pieces. Mother Earth is here to heal and support us. She creates what we need to thrive.

Each earring is 47mm long

These earrings are currently available at Handmark Gallery in Hobart. Please contact Handmark Gallery in Hobart to arrange purchase tel: 03 62237895