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Antiqui Boulder opal ring



MANTRA: “My chakras are aligned and open and I am connected to the earth”


This beautiful one of a kind 4.25ct asymmetric solid boulder opal from Yaraka Mine, Qld, has been set in a handcrafted 18ct yellow gold ring. The opal is set in a simple bezel setting to showcase the beauty and brilliance of this stone with a base colour of creamy white and intense flashes of blue, purple, and green throughout with flecks of black. As with all my jewellery, this ring is deeply symbolic and has been created with the intention to align to your chakras. This ring sings to your upper chakras – to your heart, throat, third eye and crown whilst remaining a strong grounding stone as is also aligned with your base chakra. Wear this ring with intention to open your upper chakras whilst holding you deeply connected to Mother Earth. Ring weighs 7.5g.   Size S. 


This ring is Currently available at Handmark Gallery in Hobart. Please contact Handmark Gallery in Hobart to arrange purchase. tel: 03 62237895