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Athena Diamond Luxe earrings.



MANTRA: I trust my own wisdom and intuition”

These incredibly luxurious 18ct yellow gold and diamond earrings have been handcrafted in reverence to Goddess Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and intuition. They carry the power of almost 1ct of diamonds (0.95ct). These earrings, as with all my jewellery, are deeply symbolic. They form part of the Goddess Athena Collection, and the owl motif is to remind the wearer of their own innate wisdom and intuition. The owl is symbolic of the wisdom that we all carry within and is the totem animal of Goddess Athena.

Wear these earrings with deep reverence and intention to honour your own wisdom and intuition and to trust in your inner knowing, for you know the answer.

These earrings are Currently available at Handmark Gallery in Hobart. Please contact Handmark Gallery in Hobart to arrange purchase. 03/62237895