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Large Blue boulder opal earrings with blue moonstone drops.


Stunning showstopper solid blue boulder opal pair. It is difficult to source such a well-matched pair of boulder opal, so these ones are extra precious!

These earrings are set in 18ct gold and silver with blue moonstone drops. Vibrates to the throat chakra as well as the base chakra. It is essential for us to be grounded and that is why I love boulder opal so much. The colours vibrate to the upper chakras however as it is held in the host rock makes boulder opal especially healing and grounding. On the reverse side of each earring I have saw pierced a swan, the symbol of beauty, grace and self love.

Each earring is 52mm long, 23mm wide and weighs 7.7g.

These earrings are currently available at Handmark Gallery in Hobart. Please contact Handmark Gallery in Hobart to arrange purchase tel: 03 62237895