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Boulder opal blue elongated in bespoke silver setting


Our beautiful opal jewelry is crafted specifically for those who appreciate minimal designs. We source only the finest boulder opal and each piece is made to order, ensuring you have a unique and personal treasure. Express your individual style with our one-of-a-kind opal jewelry, and tap into the power of the gemstone.

Beautiful bright blue/ green boulder opal with full opal coverage on the top surface.

The opal weighs 3.35ct.

The cost of this opal includes the manufacture of a minimalist silver design to house the stone - either a handmade silver ring (made to your finger size) or silver pendant on a silver chain.

If you would like a more specific design made then please pay for the opal at the checkout and I will be in touch to discuss the specifics of the design and metal (gold, silver, platinum) and determine if any price variation will be required.


REf: 047