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Daphne Gold earrings



MANTRA: "I remain true to myself"

These very feminine handcrafted18ct yellow gold earrings with leaf motif drops are called the Daphne earrings. The leaf is symbolic of Daphne (minor goddess) and this piece forms part of the Daphne Collection. Daphne was known as a dryad (tree nymph) in Greek Mythology. She was a sworn virgin and to escape the amorous advances of the God Apollo she begged her father, the River God Peneus, to turn her into a laurel tree. This piece, as with all my jewellery, is deeply symbolic, designed with the intention to channel the wisdom of Daphne; to remain true to oneself.

These earrings are currently for sale at Handmark Gallery in Hobart.  Please contact Handmark Gallery in Hobart to arrange purchase.