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Pagoda earrings with pink sapphire and boulder opal.




These elegant handcrafted 18ct yellow gold earrings form part of the Pagoda series. They have been set with divine solid boulder opal from Jundah, Queensland. Pink sapphires (wt: 0.94ct) have been incorporated into the design to highlight the flashes of pink throughout the opal. The curved rails hint at the curves of the ancient Pagoda. The Pagoda is a sacred monument initially built to symbolise the mountain, but also to represent the elements. Everything needs balance and these earrings are a reminder of the importance of balance in our inner world. The gemstones in these earrings are calming and are supportive of the heart and throat chakra, to bring love, balance, and harmony. Wear these earrings with intention to remain calm centred, aligned and in balance.

These gorgeous earrings have sold however we can create a similar bespoke pair using some unique and different gemstones just for you.