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"The love of others will not define you,

but the love of yourself will."


JOYASABI has been created to empower you to reach your fullest expression through the intentional wearing of fine jewellery designed with deep symbolism and meaning.

The way you think and feel about yourself impacts the way you move through life. We all have the potential to change our inner world and to develop a deep connection to self. Wearing beautiful jewellery that has been created to empower and support you to love and trust yourself more deeply is the foundation behind all that we design. 

JOYASABI believes in the power of intention, in the power of gemstones to support and connect to the energetic body, and in the power of symbols and mantra to bring about positive change. When all these components are brought together into a fine piece of jewellery than the magic can happen.

Wear your jewellery with intention, knowing that it has the potential to support you to change your life.


JOYASABI was created by Tonya Gilbett, Australian Jewellery Designer and Gemmologist (FGAA) 


After completing her training as a jeweller and becoming a certified gemmologist she went on to work for one of the leading luxury jewellery houses in Sydney. Today Tonya works from her studio in Hobart, creating deeply meaningful jewellery designed to be worn with intention to support personal change, empowering you to reach your fullest expression, and to share your unique gift with the world.