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"  I aspire to support and empower women through the creation of stunning, custom jewellery designed to be worn with intent. "               Tonya Gilbett


My designs are influenced by the beauty and symbolism of ancient mythology as well as by the colour and wonder of natural gemstones. I am particularly drawn to use ethically mined Australian Opal as they are a wonderful celebration of the incredible and unique creations of Mother Nature. I celebrate the individuality of each stone and relish in asymmetry and the imperfect. 

My desire is to create fine handcrafted talisman jewellery with deep symbolism  woven into the design and an elegant simplicity that appeals to women of all ages. My jewellery is and always will be designed and made in Australia.

My dream is for women to begin wearing jewellery that has deep symbolic significance to empower them, as they did in the past, as well as for all Australian women to own a piece of fine opal jewellery. Opals are the gemstone of our birthplace and offer up magical properties to the wearer.