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Australian Gemstones

My love of Australian gemstones really began only a few years ago. I first started sitting up and taking notice of Australian Opal when I began to see several American jewellers whom I admire using opal in their work. I loved what these designers were doing with our National gemstone and started to wake up to the incredible beauty of these natural wonders. Around the same time, whilst  working from my studio in Hobart, I began to receive regular visits from an opal miner from Coober Pedy who would come to me with bags of opals that he had uncovered for me to pour over. How could I not fall in love with the colour and unique qualities of this beautiful gemstone. 

There are many other amazing Australian gemstones as well and it is our preference to always buy Australian gemstones first to support our miners but also because of the transparency that we can gain from buying locally.  

The incredible array of colours seen in Australian opal is like a banquet for our soul and for our chakras, the energy centres of our body. Australian opal is the first gemstone that has led me to understand how gemstones can stimulate the chakras and has opened my eyes to the energetic world around us.