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Coloured Gemstones

I was always a diamond girl until I moved away from the large bustling city where diamonds seemed to be essential in every engagement ring, to live in this quiet place where people were less driven by the size of their diamond (if they wore one at all) and were more interested in expressing their individuality through a variety of stones. I first started sitting up and taking notice of Australian Opal when a miner from Coober Pedy came to visit. I loved the colour and unique quality of every stone. I then became drawn to mixing up opals with other coloured gemstones and the love story began. The incredible array of colours seen in Australian opal is like a banquet for our soul and for our chakras, the energy centres of our body. Australian opal is the first gemstone that has led me to understand how gemstones can stimulate the chakras and has opened my eyes to the energetic world around us. 

There are many amazing gemstones from all around the world. It is our preference to always buy Australian gemstones first to support our miners but also because of the transparency that we can gain from buying locally. We do however buy gemstones from other countries however quality and ethically sourced gemstones are essential to our core values and will continue to be the highest priority in all that we create.