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Song of the Naiad

This beautiful new collection is inspired by the Gods and Goddesses and our connection to them but also to this amazing planet where we all live. This collection is a reminder to embrace the connection to self as well as to connect with all that is around us.

In Greek Mythology the Naiads were the water nymphs, the spirits, that protected the waters. They were known to be very beautiful and to entice others in with their beautiful song. The lily pad is symbolic of resurrection, of rising up from the dark, but also a symbol of great beauty. I have chosen the lily pad as a prominent feature in this collection as a nod to the mythology of Narcissus and how he was drawn to this beautiful pond but became entranced with himself and then drowned in his own beauty. It is essential to first love us, and to be able to see our own beauty however it is also essential that we then look beyond ourselves to the beauty and majesty that surrounds us.

Above all this collection, The Song of the Naiad, is a love song for the environment, singing all who wear this collection to waken to the beauty of Mother Earth through the power of ancient Mythology and the alchemy of gold and gems.