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Daphnes Deliverance, The story behind the Collection

Daphnes Deliverance, The story behind the Collection

Story and symbolism are an integral part of all of our collections. It is through story that real connection is made, experiences shared, and lessons can be learnt.

Greek mythology is fascinating to me. I am particularly interested in the powers and the flaws of the Gods and Goddesses and the lessons that can be learned through them. The fact that they carry human flaws and weaknesses only increases their appeal. No God, Goddess or nymph is without strengths and weakness. The story of Daphne (a water nymph) and the God Apollo is no exception. Apollo falls madly in love with Daphne, but he is forceful and longs to dominant and control. As a sworn virgin Daphne of course does not want this and she runs to her father for protection, and he turns her into a tree, so she becomes unattainable to Apollo. I find this myth fascinating as Daphne is in "Fight or Flight" mode and by turning her into a tree she is able to stop, connect to the earth and become centred. This is exactly what all of us need to do when we are experiencing fear. We need to centre ourselves, breathe and connect to the earth and it is through learning to control our response to fear that we grow strong. Sure, some fear is legitimate and helps us to survive but much of what we fear is actually just in our imagination. 

The Collection, Daphnes Deliverance, has repeating foliage symbolism throughout to remind the wearer that when they feel fear they need to do what Daphne did in order to grow strong......stop...... centre ..... breathe and connect to the earth. As we learn to control our breath and our response to fear we begin to master our mind. 

Find this beautiful collection now online. Every piece is made to order from our studio in Tasmania and will take 4- 6 weeks to complete.