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The Dark is where we grow.

The Dark is where we grow.

No one's life is perfect. 

Everyone will sink into the depths of despair and loss eventually- whether it is done publicity or privately - it will happen and usually multiple times throughout a lifetime.

During these hard times we often long for that difficult time to pass in order to escape the fear, pain and discomfort. It is important however not to run and try to escape this feeling, or to avoid it through blaming others, over committing and keeping ourselves "busy", or expecting someone else to take the pain away.  It is important to allow ourselves to sit with this feeling without the fear that it will take us over.  These heavy feelings are not bad, they are just energy like all other emotions, and like all feelings and emotions this heavy feeling will pass too. 

I created the collection, Song of the Naiad, in reference to the water nymphs, or Naiads, of Greek Mythology. The message the Naiads share with us is extremely important. In mythology the Naiads are the most beautiful women with the most beautiful song. They draw you in and then, when you least expect it, they drag you under, terrified, to the darkest depths of the water. But remember water is healing and in the darkest depths of the water you are being offered an opportunity to heal in some way. You can either chose to fight the fear and the experience OR you can choose to allow it, to allow to receive the healing and teaching that comes out of the difficult times you may experience. 

For this collection, Song of the Naiad, I have chosen the waterlily pad as a symbol of the darkness that you may be sitting in. But this symbol of the water lily pad is one of expectation as after the leaves have formed on the surface of the water and after the roots have taken hold in the mud, THEN, the beautiful flowers begin to bloom. By allowing yourself time and space to learn from your experience in the dark, you too will begin to bloom.

Wear this collection with intention, with the knowledge that what you are going through, or may have gone through, will pass, and IF you allow yourself to receive the teachings and healing of the hard times then you will grow more beautiful, strong and wise.

Wear the Song of the Naiad Collection in ritual. Place the piece on your body, imagine the water nymphs of Greek Mythology and conjure up their energy. Look closely at the piece and say to yourself, "The dark is where I will grow the most". with thanks and gratitude.

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Select pieces now also available in silver as well as 18ct gold.