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Do you believe in gem power?

Do you believe in gem power?

Hands up if you think jewellery is just pretty adornment, to make your outfit look complete?

Of course jewellery is made first of all, to look beautiful and to make the wearer feel beautiful. There are also the symbolic pieces like wedding rings and engagement rings but who thinks most jewellery is just for decoration? A few years ago I might have put my hand up too but following a very unexpected breakdown I began to experience the world differently. It might sound strange to hear me say this but since my “breakdown” life has become WAY cooler and I would never want to go back to the version I was before.

 As with many tough life events the way the world is experienced is changed overnight. My work as a jeweller moved into a whole “other dimension” quite literally as suddenly I could feel the energy of people in my surroundings, in the supermarket, at my workplace, and people that came to my home. I could also feel the energy of gemstones and crystals. I found that the use of crystals and gemstones could help to ground me and make me feel more balanced. You see I have practiced yoga for as long as I have been a jeweller  and suddenly I understood chakras and how gems and crystals can align to the chakras. It was like this knowledge was just dropped “PLOP” into my brain. I started dreaming about Goddesses and symbols and my intuition suddenly expanded. Yes, life got weird very fast. Thankfully, after the initial shock, I adjusted to this new and very different version of me. This wonderful version of me that I have grown to love and admire more than ever before. I went from being a qualified jeweller and gemmologist with a science degree to become a Reiki practioner and crystal healer as I became more and more attuned to the energetic world. I am no longer just the creator of fine handmade gold and platinum jewellery but am the creator of highly energetic jewellery that, when worn with intention, can lead to personal transformation of the wearer.

 So, you see If you were to say to me "Do you believe in the power of gems?".....I would be like ...YES!!! Every piece of jewellery carries a vibration and if hand made it carries the energy of the maker as well. It is important that humans become aware of the energy around us and how all that you wear (clothes, jewellery, oils, makeup etc), how products are made, the materials used, and the intention behind the creation, can all have an impact on the energy the piece carries which in turn will affect how you feel and your personal energetics.

 So next time you are thinking of telling someone you love what they are wearing, stop for a minute and think beyond the aesthetics and begin to think about the energetics. We are all vibrational beings and everything around us vibrates too. You know the saying “you are what you eat”…..well “you are what you wear too”. Sending high vibe love to you all.

 JOYASABI is a jewellery brand created by Tonya Gilbett, Australian Jewellery designer with a background in health and wellbeing (Occupational Therapist, Reiki II, Tai Chi for Rehab teacher and crystal healing). After completing her training as a jeweller and becoming a certified gemmologist she went on to work for one of the leading luxury jewellery houses in Sydney. Today Tonya works from her studio in Hobart, creating deeply meaningful jewellery designed to be worn with intention to support personal change, empowering you to reach your fullest expression so that you too can share your unique gifts with the world.

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