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Your body is your temple.

Your body is your temple.

Your body is a temple. I am sure you have heard this before. However, do you really believe this?

What if you did believe your body was a temple…… you feel you are treating your body/ temple reverently and respectfully. Are you conscious of this beautiful imperfect body that has carried you through life? Do you love this body you are gifted, or do you just rush impulsively and noisily through each day pushing your body without thinking too much about what you really need?

When you think about entering a temple or place of prayer it creates a certain feeling doesn’t it, normally a feeling of reverence, quietness, reflection, slowness.  Do you treat your body/temple this same way?

I have had the flu this last week and have felt the frustration of wanting to do things, but my body really needs to rest. Honoring our bodies is not something we have been very good at. It is almost like our bodily needs are an inconvenience. It is high time to change how we treat and love our body/temple. It is time to move more slowly and intentionally, to avoid rushing impulsively through life. It is time to start choosing more carefully what our body/temple needs.

How does this relate to jewellery you may ask? Every temple, whether minimalist or extravagant, is carefully adorned to create a certain energy or ambiance. Your body is no exception.  The way you chose to adorn yourself, your body/temple, will also affect how you feel and the energy you radiate outward. Adorn yourself with intention, love your body more and rest more. You are the goddess within the temple of your body. Honour the goddess each day by honoring the temple in which she resides.