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Why Handmade Matters

Why Handmade Matters

Did you know there is a meridian (an energy channel) that runs from your heart all the way down to the palm of your hands. The hands are connected to the heart and all that we do with our hands is an expression of our heart. You will notice when you are angry your hands hold that expression, when you are anxious or stressed your hands tend to fidget, and when you are feeling love your hands are tender and soft.

So you see the connection between the heart and hands is a powerful one. I am a Reiki practioner, as well as a jeweller, and in Reiki the universal energy is channeled through the hands, pouring in love and healing to the recipient. When I create from a place of love the energy flow is more abundant and unrestricted. 

When we create with our hands we are also creating with our heart. There is a divine connection and the more we are at peace during the creative process the more open we are to the flow of universal energy and love to move through us and into the creation. Everything is vibration. Would you prefer a piece that is created by a machine, churned out in vast quantities without mindfulness and intention? Or would you prefer something that was created slowly, carefully, lovingly, and with intention to bring some positive energy to you, the receiver?

I know what I prefer and I know Mother Nature would agree.