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Song of the Naiad Collection

Song of the Naiad Collection

The Song of the Naiad Collection

Sometimes we have a song in our heart, calling us to follow our path. But more often than not the song is so quiet we cannot hear it, or the noise all around is too loud. Our heart however knows the song and if unfulfilled it fills us with a longing that we often cannot fully comprehend. 

The Song of Naiad Collection has been created in remembrance and honor of our inner song. Initially the Song of the Naiad collection came to life after studying the beautiful water lilies in Monets paintings. It seemed to me that such a beautiful pond would surely have a Naiad, or water nymph, to protect it. And it was from this imagining of a water nymph protecting the water lily pond that this collection came to life. 

So, the intention behind this collection is to remind the wearer to listen to their inner song, to find a way to hear your unique song so that it leads you to your highest state, bringing with it success, peace and joy.

It takes faith, trust and bravery to follow our calling but once we open to the majesty of our inner song, our spirit will soar.

Wear this collection always with intention to open your heart to your true path.