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Finding your way home

Finding your way home

Do you sometimes feel lost and like you don't really know what life is all about?

Do you sometimes wonder what is the point of it all.........the working ......... striving..........the endless treadmill of life?

Well, you aren't alone. 

So many feel they have lost touch with who they are and are just trying to get by in an increasingly disconnected world. I know I have certainly felt like that in the past. There is so much online about how to find yourself however, I believe it is more about coming home to yourself, the essence within, and the key is different for each of us. Slowing down and coming back into your body, practicing mindfulness and being present every day and throughout each day will certainly put you on the right path. Do the things that you love and that make you happy and healthy and spend time with people who lift you up and make your life better. 

I have created the Remembrance pendant and ring to support you on your journey. When you wear jewellery with intention (and reciting a personal mantra for that piece) it has the power to support you. The piece will hold the power you give it and act as a talisman. When you adorn yourself with  jewellery created with intention, know you are wearing it to remind yourself that your greatness lies within just waiting to be uncovered.

Find you way home to your soul essence and wear jewellery that supports this transition. There is great power in the mind, in symbolism and in our self-talk.

Wear jewellery that supports you to find your way home again.