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Jewellery to enhance energy flow

Jewellery to enhance energy flow

There is a branch of Ayurveda (Indian alternative medicine), which prescribes the stimulation of vital and receptive points in the body known as the marma or varma points. These points are life sustaining centres where muscles, bones, nerves and joints unite.

In India the wearing of ornaments on certain specific parts of the body is intended to stimulate the marma pointskeeping the body and mind in a state of continuous fitness and well being. The toe adornment is believed to enhance qualities of timidity and shyness and aid in control of anger. Jewellery worn on fingers ensure a healthy heart, strong lungs, good will power, an active brain and a calm disposition. Ears are the most important as they are thought to be the microcosm for the whole body. The ear is thought to be directly related to physical and mental health, as they stimulate the marma points.

There are also the 7 points of power, or chakras, in the body. It is believed that the pressure of the jewel together with the vibrational power of the gem set therein, will energise the senses.

This is taken from a book called "Indian Jewellery Dance of the Peacock" by Krishnan and Kumar. So, do I believe all of this? Well I am still on my journey of discovery. I do have a sense of the rings on each finger having a different purpose - in particular when wearing a ring on the index finger "leading finger" I do feel the power of this. There is so much around us that we do not fully understand. So the answer to whether I believe in this is that I believe in rituals and traditions, I believe in the power of gemstones and I believe in the power of the mind and am always open to new ideas and as you know, I love symbolism and a story and am on a journey of discovery.