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Why dress like a Goddess!

Why dress like a Goddess!

It is time for the divine feminine energy to rise up - to rebalance the masculine and feminine. This is not about the feminine over riding the masculine but rather the finding of a central point of balance. This brings to the forefront the idea of Gods and Goddesses. In ancient times, both were revered for their unique qualities and attributes however over time the Goddess was abandoned and only the God remained. This article is not meant to become a discussion on religion but rather the raising of a concept into conscious thought.

I would not call myself religious however I am deeply spiritual. Our children attend a Quaker school where the belief is that the God (and to my thinking - Goddess) lies within. The belief is that in the tapping into our inner self that we are also aligning ourselves with the Divine. I know religious beliefs and spirituality are all very personal however this concept really resonates with me.

So back to my original point. Why dress like a Goddess!! To dress like a Goddess is to self love. This is not the same as shallow vanity, but this is about a deep self respect and care. In order to truly love another we must learn to love ourselves first. The way we treat ourselves and think about ourselves is rippled out to others and they pick up on the "vibration". If we treat ourselves as the precious, unique being that we are and truly value the sacred body that carries us through this life then we are stepping into alignment with the Divine. 

My vision is to create fine jewellery that helps to awaken that sense of the Goddess within. So start, just for today, to love yourself, take care of yourself and dress yourself with careful intention and devotion. Try this practice one day and then another until this becomes your ritual of devotion and love.