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Why do I care?

Why do I care?

Mother earth is suffering. Humanity has been destroying and exploiting the earth and her resources for too long and more and more the consequences are starting to show. I live in a beautiful small city surrounded by lots of natural beauty however regularly now when I go to the supermarket the fresh produce section is depleted in some way. The climate is changing and the challenges to produce large quantities of food to feed the masses is being tested. 

Since moving from a large capital city to this small nature surrounded place, I have developed a deep connection to the land. I feel the energy and power of the natural world. The thing that I have come to realize, which didn't quite hit home until I moved somewhere more natural, is that Mother Earth does not actually need us. She is here to provide for us but if we do not respect this then her apothecary will close. Everything she provides for us is to heal and sustain us. In the end Mother Earth will win however will humanity still be here to continue to witness her majesty and live in harmony with her?.........I say........ Only if we tread lightly and take only a little, and only what we need........Only if we buy from small local producers.......Only if we begin to connect to Mother Earth and live consciously and mindfully, and only if we begin to value once again the power of "handmade".

At the centre of all that I create I am conscious of the earth, I am grateful for what she provides, I feel the energy of the gemstones and metal, I do not waste anything, and I use recycled metal as much as I can. I use predominantly Australian gemstones purchased directly from small multigenerational miners who also hold the same environmental concerns as myself. I create mostly one-off pieces and sacrifice the profits that come with mass production. Everything is mindful and created with ceremony. Everything that I create draws on the medicine of Mother Earth. I believe the jewellery I create, with the help of Mother Earth, has the power to heal if worn with intention and connection.

That is why I care.