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Colour your world.

Colour your world.

Did you know that every colour you see makes you feel a different way?

You may have never realized the effect of colour on our bodily function, nervous system, behaviour and mood!

Our emotional connection to colour is a lot deeper than we realise. The power of colour influences the way we think, feel, behave and how our brains have evolved to respond. Colour affects us unconsciously in many ways, after all, everything is energy and everything has a frequency – including every person and animal on the planet.

 Every colour in the rainbow has a different energy, a different frequency and wavelength which vibrates to a specific chakra in our body - and the state of every chakra in our body affects our overall health and wellbeing.

So you see, colour is an important factor in our lives. A world without colour deprives us from a sensory and energetic perspective and a world without opals and gems would be a very grey place.

Embrace the connection and colour your world with gemstones.