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Opals and chakras

Opals and chakras

My love of Australian opals ironically began after falling in love with the work of some American jewellery designers. I started to really appreciate the beauty of opal as was seeing them used in a way I had not seen before and I became inspired as to how I could use this incredible gemstone in my own work. 

The thing I really love about working with opals is I can buy them directly from the miner and I know exactly where they have come from and that they have been ethically recovered. I started using opals more and more as well as incorporating coloured gemstones into my designs. As the opals I use are all cut by hand; this is important as it minimises waste; there is often an asymmetry to my designs which I love. 

At the same time that I was exploring the use of opal in my designs I also was beginning to understand the power of gemstones. I started to see that I was intuitively choosing to work with certain coloured opals and by doing so began to understand that what I was actually doing, without realising it at first, was that I was working on my chakras, the energy centres of the body. I have practiced yoga for more than 20 yrs and for most of those years any talk of chakras passed in one ear and out the other..... that is until I finally understood. There are seven main chakras and each one corresponds with the frequency of a colour. As opals come in the full rainbow of colours I was working energetically with all my chakras,. Since I have begun to understand this my work has been transformed and the way I work with gemstones has changed.

We are all so incredible in our own intuitive ability and potentiality but often times we do not even realise this. Through my work as a jeweller and sharer of gemstones (as we only ever borrow from Mother Earth) I hope to motivate others to embark on the chakra journey too as it is truly amazing. By clearing our chakras through a constant shedding of what no longer serves us but is being held in our energetic body we are increasing our ability to tap into and trust our intuition. Crystals and gemstones are one way of facilitating this process. For those of you who have read this far and your eyes are glazing over with the talk of chakras and energy centres, I understand as it all sounds a bit "out there" but if you follow me on my journey, as I am only journeying too, then together we can explore the wonders of our energetic body. We are all so much more powerful than we know.